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Enrich the joy of living in the community!

Visitor Alerts

Alerts on your phone about the visitor, identification using mobile intercom, entry authorization, in and out time tracking and online gate logs are some of the salient features.

Seamless Guest Entry

Pre authorize your guests with long duration visitor pass for seamless entry in your society.

Know your helper

Get alerts about entry and exit of your helpers. Keep track of monthly attendance, information about different workplaces in the society, duration of stay in the society and gate logs for tracking the movements.

Service Center

Raise maintenance requests through the app service center. Track status of the ticket till closure & provide feedback for the service provider.


App dashboard notifies you of the pending payments. Make the payments at the tap of your finger tip. Extremely easy and convenient.


Stay informed about the clubs, group and activities running in the society. Know about the instructors visiting, join the classes, attend events, celebrations and much more.

Private Discussion Forum

Sell, buy, advertise or enquire in your society's private discussion forum

Private Directory

Maintain useful contacts in society's private yellow page directory